Tina Abbott Author


I am a new author from the UK. I have always had a love for books and I have to confess that the magic of children’s books has always drawn me in no matter what my age at the time. I have read every single night to my son since he was small and although he is much older now we still share a love of books. Magic, humour, adventure and happy endings have been, and are, our escapism spread across the pages of books, absorbed by our eyes and bought to life in hidden depths of our imagination.

With the love of books and the dream that I have always had to write children’s books, I thought it was about time that I followed it.

My books so far are ‘GrumblePop: The Dragon With No Roar’, ‘The Crumbly Crew’ and my latest, ‘The Peculiar Penguin’. These books are available via the Amazon website.

GrumblePop The Dragon with No Roar
The Crumbly Crew
The Peculiar Penguin

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